4 Tips for More Energy


Many people find themselves going through ups and downs as they transition into a new diet, or lifestyle. This is quite common, but can be less than exciting when you’re feeling detox symptoms as you’re on your way to work!

You want to be charged up in the morning, right? Tons of energy and ready to go… not blowing your nose every five minutes or wondering why you’re feeling sluggish on a raw veggie diet.

The ticket is prevention. It always has been.

That is what the raw diet is all about. Eating the most amazing foods ever, so we don’t find ourselves staring down cancer in 5 – 10 years. Feeling happy, fit, energized, glowing, and ready to take on life.

So, here are a couple “prevention” tips that will keep you energized and feeling groovy:

Enema/Colonic: Nobody wants to hear that as my first recommendation, but it is. If I’m ever feeling sluggish, low energy, or have cold symptoms coming on, that is my go-to plan that never fails. I know you might feel it’s not a prevention method as you are already feeling the symptoms when you start it, but trust me, when you know you just avoided a cold, you will understand.

Green Juice: My body always improves in some way, shape, or form when I am getting my juice-on. A mini 3-day or 7-day juice cleanse will whip you into shape in no time and leave you feeling refreshed, and… well, juicy! Note: Not just green juice, but wheat grass too if you choose. Click here for great green juice recipes.

Eat Less: You might be like…what? Most people in the U.S. overeat, even those that are “healthy.” I am the first to raise my hand and say that I am still working on it. Eating less also means that less energy is being used to process and break down your food. More energy for you!

Exercise: I know this is different for everyone, but when I exercise, wow, that pumps me up. Especially if that includes lifting weights. I am ready to go. I got my second wind. Break out the yoga mats. Any kind of movement is great, so get outside and soak up the sun.

I have been enjoying long hikes in the woods lately, that has been my exercise. Also, specifically in un-shaded areas so I get in some good sun exposure. That is super important, so remember to log-off sometimes.

I had a great time walking around enjoying NYC with friends the other week. A group of us went out to dinner with my friend Lisa Paris, who was traveling from the West Coast. She did an interview of me here, check it out.

So next time you are feeling sluggish, energy-less, or just plain wiped out… try some of the above tips, because all its takes is a little “prevention,” to not end up like these guys (click to view pic). Stamina fellas, stamina. : )

I Believe In You,
Philip McCluskey