Be AWARE – is this happening in YOUR area???

Along with all the toxic vaccines they are now going to sell diet soda in American schools. Watch out for all the brain dead kids that come out of these schools. These schools do not do any research into what they are giving these children. There is enough research on aspartame to choke a horse and they should be told and prevented from doing this.

How about just selling all natural drinks. They taste good and are much better. Unbeliveable what they do and get away with today.

By: Crusador Staff – May 21, 2010

In another move of insanity schools across America are dropping regular soda from their vending machines and switching over to diet soda. Administrators believe the switch will help combat the growing obesity epidemic. While implicating soda as a culprit in the obesity epidemic is a fairly easy thing to do, the replacement diet sodas will only continue fueling an epidemic of neurological disorders as the #1 high fructose corn syrup alternative to sweeten beverages is aspartame. Just do a quick Google search on the dangers of aspartame and you will be baffled as to why schools across America would be ignorant enough to think they are somehow offering a better alternative.

A battle over this very issue is currently being waged in Volusia County, Florida. A 4/24/10 Daytona Beach News Journal story reported that:

“High-sugar sodas will disappear from Volusia County high school campuses in July, although school officials want to keep vending machines to dispense diet sodas and other beverages to help raise money for student activities. The change, which the School Board will consider Tuesday , would bring Volusia schools into compliance with a 2006 agreement to eliminate regular sodas from American schools to help combat childhood obesity. Flagler schools have already dropped regular sodas from their vending machines, said Mike Judd, assistant to the superintendent. Zero-calorie sodas are still stocked in high school vending machines, but carbonated drinks are banned in elementary and middle schools.
The Volusia County School Health Advisory Committee recently signed off on the proposed request for a new beverage contract on an 11-2 vote. Dr. Bonnie Sorensen, director of the Volusia County Health Department, was among those who endorsed it. While some committee members were concerned about the possible health effects of artificial sweeteners and phosphoric acid in diet sodas, Sorensen said the majority agreed the proposal would be a step forward. ‘Diet sodas, in terms of sugar, are preferable to regular sodas,’ she said. ‘Everyone agreed the less sugar, the better.'”

Yeah, that’s right, the less sugar the better – the more neurotoxins the better!

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