Where Cow is Queen

by Robert Cohen

The Maasai of Tanzania adore their cows.
Wealth is measured by the number of bovines
in one’s herd, and the daily diet of the
Maasai consists primarily of milk and blood
from these animals fermented with feces.
They store their milk in gourds. They have
no electricity. Therefore, no refrigerators.
During the fermentation process, bacteria
digest and break down milk sugar into
glucose and galactose. Ergo, no lactose

The Maasai and the American have very little in
common, but there are two things that we do share:

1) Our reliance upon dairy as the most consumed food
2) The enormous incidence of crippling osteoporosis

In Africa, there are 250,000 people with bone
disease. Most of them belong to the Maasai tribe.
In America, there are 30 million people with bone
disease. Most of them belong to our milk-drinking/
ice cream slurping tribe and wear funny looking
cheesehead hats.

Two primitive societies drinking body fluids
from mammals. Neither has yet weaned itself
off of cow’s milk. Both tribes pay the price
of poor health. For more on osteoporosis:

http://www.notmilk. com/o.html

Robert Cohen
http://www.ntomilk. com