Spouses Who Care for Partners With Dementia at Sixfold Higher Risk of Same Fate

Spouses Who Care for Partners With Dementia at Sixfold Higher Risk of Same Fate:
Stress of Caregiving May Be to Blame

ScienceDaily (May 5, 2010) ” Husbands or wives who care for spouses with
dementia are six times more likely to develop the memory-impairing condition
than those whose spouses don’t have it, according to results of a 12-year
study led by Johns Hopkins, Utah State University, and Duke University. The
increased risk that the researchers saw among caregivers was on par with
the power of a gene variant known to increase susceptibility to Alzheimer’s
disease, they report in the May Journal of the American Geriatrics Society.

A few small studies have suggested that spousal caregivers frequently show
memory deficits greater than spouses who aren’t caregivers. However, none
examined the cognitive ability of caregivers over time using standard,
strict criteria to diagnose dementia, a serious cognitive disorder characterized
by deficits in memory, attention, judgment, language, and other abilities.
http://www.scienced aily.com/ releases/ 2010/05/10050509 1630.htm

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Big conference on Lyme and related co-infections in New Haven this past Saturday. Demonstrated via video how Alzheimers brains autopsied showed overwhelming evidence of Lyme infections. Also that it was undeniably sexually transmitted. In other words, it might be more than just stress….