Danger, Danger, Danger – "Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely".

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Danger,Danger, Danger

“Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely”. –Lord Acton–

A brief sentence yet fundamentally, so true. Our founding fathers did their best to solve the issue as it presented itself when they drafted our American Constitution and Bill of Rights. This was over 200 years ago, still, old principles hold true. Today’s circumstances present such abuse in our politics, economy, and society, all for no more than GREED. GREED which in turn supports and creates HATRED. Such is the IGNORANCE the elite class of leaders we have today.

Truth is, leadership has failed and done so miserably. Problem is that we, the American people continue to act as sheep, as though there is nothing we can do. Actually, we sheep can become a powerhouse for change if we come together as one great AMERICA. Yes, there still is time to create change.

In recent years the tendency has been to limit and constrict power, to concentrate it into fewer and fewer hands, all for the sake of a better democracy. We Americans have been promised, more, more for them and less for the rest. Promises of a better, more free society while those promising continue to create less freedom through law. Law that seems to more each day destroy the America our founders created.

When I was in both grade school and high school I learned of the America I continue to love so very much. I was one of a “nation of people”, not a” nation of laws”. We were a” great melting pot” of diverse people, with a diverse economy, with a representative form of government. As the promises continue to be broken my wonderful America is being swallowed up by “Greedy little monsters”, one’s that refer to themselves as patriotic lovers of freedom while destroying everything. Theirs is freedom for them, freedom to do as they wish, freedom to steal and sell this great nation to the highest bidder. We have lived with capitalism, communism, socialism, fascism, and a few others, today we are moving into a new era, one that should be called corpitisum. Slowly we are being led into an America and a world of social feudalism, a world where freedom to be is sold to those who conform to what the few say we should be.

I have been writing on this blog as I truly do want to be free, simply “free to be me”, and feel we each and every one of us should have the same freedom. In the beginning of our democracy this was of the greatest of all important concepts. This is not to say that our society should be no more than anarchy, not at all. Democracy is more in line with what our society should be, a nation of people working together for the benefit of the whole while guaranteeing all the “me’s” the right to be me and be free. When the republic cannot allow for this the republic must be brought to terms with the people, not the elitist, or the politicians, or the corporations, or the corporate monopolies that we have today. But then isn’t a democratic republic the few ruling the many? Sounds something like Roman democracy where the senate makes the freedom for the many. Even that ended in corruption from Greed, leading to Hatred, allowing ignorance to once again rule the world for a time.

To exist as a free society depends on personal self-reliance and on institutions that embody the idea of self-government. As stated in our constitution, “We the People”, not we the greedy little monsters, or we the egomaniacs, or we the justice system, or we the rich; simply, “We the People”, as it is the people equally that will form a more perfect union. It is when we have the “let George do it” attitude that corruption becomes all there is. Dispersing power is what our representative form of government intended in the beginning.

Today we have swung so far towards the “Let George do it” attitude and been conditioned towards self-debasement that a right balance would seem impossible. To be sure, it is not! Being proud to be an American, being proud to just “be me and be free”, being proud to live and work in a democracy, being proud to simply be proud; this would offer the best for each of us and for the country we each should support equally. Faith in our leadership to do their elected jobs ethically and honestly will be essential for the danger to pass away. To do this will require a new kind of leader, they are out there, and they can turn the dangers into peace of mind. It is for us, the SHEEP to become the sheepdog and chase the wolves away.

Every time is a good time to live in when we live and do what is good for not only our selves but the whole of us as a society. It has been said that to be born during a revolution is the best time to be born. Revolution does not have to be a time of killing and suffering, revolutions can be peaceful yet direct when the people demand change and take a part in creating that change. Life will always be a series of revolutions, our choice is to either usher in change for the better by learning from the past, or to live in the present we want out of so badly.. If we are wise and willing to learn from the past we can meet the future and do what will become a better self, society, nation, and world. Our responsibility to our selves and to each other is to do what will benefit each of us equally, justly, responsibly, morally, and rightly.

Socrates once said, “I am a citizen, not of Athens or Greece, but of the world”. He ended his life a good and patriotic Athenian citizen. He also found no conflict between the laws of his little community and the greater laws of reason. We have lost all sense of reason today and instead allow for irrational illogical thinking to be the norm for our selves and our community. Danger, Danger, Danger for a future with no more than the same old same old. How can we as a free people ever be free when we allow such dangerous ways as we allow today? We should not expect a change for the better when we live in the same system of lies and broken promises.

Not long ago we heard those who will not keep the promises we hope for speak of the new frontiers, They said there would be no more suffering, no more need to fight and struggle if only we would fight and struggle just a little longer. Now the whole world is fighting to simply survive. Most of us find that we work harder for less to get out the hole the elite have dug so well for us. Such is the lie of consumerism that will not fulfill the promise broken. Today is a time of great opportunity and we the masses of Sheep should use it wisely. If we do not our future will be a future of even more madness by the chosen few, those who for some insane reason feel they are entitled to it all. We stand at a cross-road of either moving forward or getting pushed backward into dis-par and sadness. We would do well to remember that for every flower we plant someone is growing weeds.

Nature will press us hard to change and we cannot escape our relationship to nature. We all must have air, water, nourishment, security, and fair play if we are to survive. To continue the way we are is to comitte a slow suffering death for us all, and for what, the Greed for that which is nothing?

H. G. Wells once said, “We have writing and teaching, science and power; we have tamed the beasts and schooled the lightning…but we still have to tame ourselves.” The world we want cannot be had when we will not stand and be counted, when we will not scream to be heard. It is a dangerous time for us all and we are the ones allowing the danger to grow. To live as we dream to live will be won by each of us independently and interdependently, by our own right as well as a society of involved human beings.

We must tame the little monsters and ourselves, no one else can do it for us. Peace cannot be won any more than prosperity can be attained without self discipline in both the individual and our world. When all people, cultures, societies, nations, and our free nation begin living true values, with honest principles and values; when the wolves in sheep’s clothing are tamed by we sheepdogs peace and prosperity will be among us as if by its own accord.

The danger is there for a reason, because we have allowed it. Apathy must now be turned into awareness and determination for a better for us all. “We the people” can come together and form a better nation and world. After all, there are many more of us than them whether as voters or as people mad as hell at the wolves in sheep’s clothing. I am neither a Democrat or a Republican….I am an AMERICAN and one in a world that must change. Because of this I am and will be the change for me, together we are all that is required to change the country and the world….