Questions to ask "authorities" about chemtrails…!!

Chem Trail April 25, 2010 at 11:00pm
1. Why isn’t the American Academy of Environmental Medical;[] not looking at the impact of particulate matter, much caused by the toxicity of Chemtrail nano-fiber-coated aluminum that we are breathing with each breath? Their scheduled October 2009 conference [“Body Under Siege: Inflammation and Autoimmunity”] does not address this urgent issue. The US Air Force has admitted using it.(3)
2. How much of human “comatose” or “denial” behavior isn’t actually caused by the toxicity of this nano-fiber-coated aluminum in Chemtrails? How much of this is causing widespread cognitive troubles? Aluminum is known to cause dementia. Even in early stages, people are not thinking clearly. This is not just a one-cause issue. There are multiple causes. [See the next paragraph.] However, damage to our cognitive functioning, on a daily basis and over a decade, is already showing much odd behavior. For now, however, it is reported as anecdotal. There is also another aspect to deteriorating cognitive functioning. Americans are poorly educated and less well-informed than Europeans. It is easy to manipulate a population through Orwellian doublespeak and (ungrounded) fear when millions get their news [read: infotainment] from a carefully orchestrated media –85% of which is controlled by five corporations. Bread and circus (as in ancient Rome) masks the rapid collapse of our country.
3. Millions (possibly billions?) of infants and young children are now afflicted with a variety of chronic upper respiratory illnesses (asthma, chronic bronchitis, hard-to-treat pneumonia). Even now, with these epidemic levels, this is not reported as such by mainstream, corporate-controlled media. Breathing is now deleterious to our health. This, in itself, speaks volumes. Children are suffering. Why are parents not demanding answers to their childrens’ illnesses caused by these environmental poisons? Pharmaceutical drugs sometimes may alleviate symptoms (or cause worse ones), but do not cure. As Bill Moyers just wrote a few days ago: “How can we expect an industry that profits from disease and sickness to police itself?”(4) Why do we not demand prevention?
4. Why isn’t every citizen self-testing to see if they have Morgellons (linked to exposure to Chemtrails)? A simple mouthwash test using either organic grape juice or merlot wine would demonstrate to each of us that no one is safe from these poisons. What kind of anger and demand for the cessation of these criminal activities would ensue, if millions of American knew their bodies were infested with these poisons? How outraged would we all be then, as walking Morgellons time-bombs?(5)
5. There is a new emerging field of “environmental cardiology.” How many cadiologists actually know what Chemtrails are? Why is this discipline not looking into the link between the dangerous levels of barium in Chemtrail aerosols and the dramatic increase in cardiac illnesses? Barium is known to damage the heart.(6)
6. Why are we all not demanding prevention and the Precautionary Principal (meaning: first, do not harm)? How many Americans even know what the Precautionary Principle is?
7. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Geneva Convention [the very core of international human law], and US laws all forbid the use of humans as uninformed test subjects. For our safety, why is there not a massive grassroots movement being organized to force compliance to these international laws?(7)
8. We all have a basic human right to breathe air that isn’t filled with deadly brews of aerosols (targeting all mammals), chemicals, bio-weapons, and thousands of other toxins. Now we are unwitting human laboratory rats for untold government/military experiments. What is the relationship to all these multiple poisons and now epidemics of multiple chronic illnesses (auto-immune, cancers, etc.) that so many people now have?(8)
9. All mammals are also seriously being affected by the toxicity of Chemtrails. Our companion animals are suffering greatly, too. Why is the alternative veterinary community so poorly informed about Chemtrails and how it affects pets? If there are alternative Vets who do know, why are they not writing in journals, magazine, and speaking out?
10. How has more than 10 years of this daily Chemtrail assault affected the chaotic and unpredictable weather we have? Winters with extremely warm weather. Snow in June. Early Fall in August. More earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, and typhoons. Yes, humans continue to cause enormous damaged to our fragile ecosystems. Yes, mega-corporations are wrecking the entire web of life. Short-term Corporate Greed is their bottom line, not sustainability or safety. In addition, how much of “Climate Change” has truly been caused by these aerosolized metals and other toxins that are sprayed into the air? Are years of aerosol spraying of Chemtrails the cause of Climate Change?
11. Why is out planet Earth losing atmosphere, faster than Venus or Mars?(9) How is the Chemtrail/HAARP assault affecting our atmosphere in other unknown ways? The military tampering with eons-worth of our planet’s regulatory systems is being damaged in ways that myopic humans cannot either comprehend or foresee. This military assault has nothing to do with safety, but all to do with supremacy behavior and plans that are endangering the entire planet and all life support systems.
12. We no longer can look up and see normal, Mother-Earth clouds that have blanketed our planet from time immemorial. Why is a synthetic cloud called “asperatus” [meaning “rough” in Latin] being considered for inclusion by the Royal Meteorological Society as a “new” cloud? Clouds are created by Nature. Chemtrail clouds are synthetic.(10) Where are any scientific Chemtrail reports from the Royal Meteorological Society?
13. Where are the REAL AND ACCURATE reports from thousands upon thousands of meteorologists reporting daily weather around the United States (and elsewhere around the globe) and the impact of synthetic Chemtrail and EMF clouds? The daily weather reports from these people are worthless and lack complete credibility without reporting the weather impact of Chemtrails. Have ALL the meteorologists been bought off or threatened? What has happened to Kevin Martin who was the only meteorologist reporting chemtrails (on his website, but now off line)?