Susan G. Komen for the Cure cancer fund-raiser makes a mockery of itself by aligning with KFC

NaturalNews says this is not some April Fool’s joke: Susan G. Komen for the cure has made a complete mockery of itself by aligning with KFC to launch pink buckets of greasy chicken in a new campaign called “Buckets For the Cure.”

As stupid as this sounds, the Susan G. Komen for the Cure organization actually hopes to convince people that eating more fried chicken will cure cancer.

Seriously. This goes down in history as the dumbest pinkwashing campaign in the history of the fraudulent cancer industry.

But there’s more: Read about Susan G. Komen and animal cruelty, MSG toxins and rainforest destruction through its bizarre alliance with KFC:

(Jan’s note: Many chickens these days are raised from chicks to slaughter in less than 3 months. Enough growth hormones, antibiotics and huge amounts of additives for everyone to be potential cancer “victims”… you become a victim of your own appetite… NOT some freak of nature that “causes” cancer… YOU did it to yourself!!)