Most Cardiologists are Clueless!

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Mon Apr 5, 2010 1:19 am (PDT)

Most Cardiologists Are Clueless

“Vice President Cheney is also on vacation. He’s
in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. What better place for
a guy who has had 4 heart attacks than a place
with thin air, rugged hiking and all-beef dinners?
Why don’t they get some snow for him to shovel
while he’s out there, too?”
– Jay Leno

Forgive cardiologists. Blame their ignorance
on what they are taught in medical school by
ignorant old fools who instruct future doctors
to diagnose and treat heart disease, not prevent
it by recommending healthy diets. There’s no
cash flow in cardiovascular disease prevention.

The great irony of a cardiologist’ s practice is
that after major heart events, patients are
often instructed to eat low fat/plant-based diets.
Such advice given before heart attacks or strokes
might very well reduce the need for cardiologists.

If not for 21st century machines which diagnose
heart problems, most cardiologists would be
clueless regarding heart disease diagnoses,
heart disease prevention, and heart disease cure.

Once a patient is diagnosed with preliminary
forms of heart disease after scoring high on the
absurd cholesterol chart, the clueless doctor
prescribes a cholesterol- lowering drug which
works only to increase year-end cash bonuses
and comped vacations from pharmaceutical
to the cardiologist.

Cholesterol- Lowering Drugs Don’t Work

Perhaps you saw this Associate Press headline
on Monday, March 31, 2008:

Cholesterol drugs may not work
A study finds Vytorin and Zetia, both popular
cholesterol drugs, failed to treat heart disease.

“CHICAGO – Full results of a failed trial on Vytorin, a
medicine taken by millions of people to lower cholesterol,
left doctors stunned…

‘A lot of us thought that there would be some glimmer of
benefit,’ said Dr. Roger Blumenthal, a Johns Hopkins
University cardiologist and spokesman for the American
Heart Association. ”

~!~!~!~!~!~! ~!~!~!~!~ !~!~!~!~! ~!~!~!~!~ !

Doctors and scientists should have learned their lesson
after the first wave of cholesterol- lowering drugs worked
to cause more problems and negative health reactions than
they prevented.

They should have paid attention and observed that nature’s
perfect plan had been violated. In complete arrogance,
these men and women of ignorance label the body’s solution
of dealing with heart damage by calling the body’s own
medicine “bad cholesterol. ” Does the original architectural
plan for the human body contain a fatally designed flaw?

Is there really such a thing as “bad cholesterol? ”

The synthesis of low density lipoprotein (LDL cholesterol)
is the human response to continuous heart damage.

The internal production and secretion of this so-called
“bad cholesterol” is the manner in which the body repairs
its own damage. I call LDL cholesterol the body’s own
spackle. When picture hooks cause holes in your walls,
you simply go to a hardware store to purchase a can of
spackle. That fills the hole. Many events are responsible
for heart damage.

The largest heart study in American history (Castelli’s
Framingham Heart Study) has identified sulfur based amino
acids (from eating animal protein) as the key to identifying
what causes the greatest amount of damage. So, the body’s
antidote to Atkins Diet insanity is to neutralize the damage
by making more LDL cholesterol.

The higher the cholesterol reading, the greater is the damage
that must be repaired. So, what do naive meat eaters do when
faced with high cholesterol rates? They seek doctor’s advice.
Doctors prescribe cholesterol lowering drugs which accomplish
the following:

Cholesterol lowering drugs take away the body’s mechanism
by which the damage is repaired. In other words, cholesterol
lowering drugs make things worse. Why not simply eliminate
those factors which cause the damage? Animal protein (meat
and dairy) contains an abundance of sulfur-based amino acids.
The worst foods to eat (the highest levels of sulfur) are
chicken and eggs. You do not want the rotten egg smell of
eggs infusing into each of your body’s cells. One must
neutralize the resulting acid. To do so, calcium is leached
from where it is stored: in the skeletal system. For this
reason, those living in meat-eating nations have the highest
rates of bone disease.

So, what can you do if you have high cholesterol?
Do one of two things. Take cholesterol lowering drugs
to mask the symptoms and take away the body’s innate
ability to repair the damage that you do by eating
caustic animal proteins.

Or…change your diet and furnish your body with clean fuel.

Heart disease is America’s number-one killer. The
choice is yours to either be a victim, or have a
change of heart and let food be your medicine.

Robert Cohen
http://www.notmilk. com