DECT signals affects the heart

A new Post “#1233: DECT signals affects the heart” was written on the March 24, 2010 at 8:52 am on “EMFacts Consultancy”.
From Magda Havas:
Please watch this 7-minute video on youtube that I made yesterday.
It provides unequivocal evidence that the radiation from a cordless
(DECT) phone interferes with the heart. This video provides evidence
that electrohypersensitivity is real, is physical, and may be life
It also shows that non-thermal exposure, at levels well below federal
guidelines in most countries (0.3% of the 1000 microW/cm2), has
biological and health effects.
Please share this video with your friends, family, and doctors as they
are the ones who need to know about this to better help their