How do you see yourself in the scheme of life?

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How Do You See Yourself in the Scheme of Life?


How Do You See Yourself in the Scheme of Life?
Posted by: Karen Lee on: March 22, 2010

Sananda: Earth is an opportunity for immortal souls to experience briefly mortality. To find out what it is like when there is a beginning, a middle and an end to various energy cycles. It is your duty to experience life and record it as a reminder of all that is holy and sacred. To view all of life as God centered and created and worthy of reverance.

It is the duty of those in spirit to accompany you on this journey and to assist as free will dictates that which is for your greatest good, highest joy and greatest priority.

It will help you to maximize this adventure if you do not get stuck in form or content and remain open to all that comes into your sphere of energy. It is not so much an earth school as an earth energy exchange so God may know and realize all of who we all are.

Lady Nada: The key word here is yourself. Who is the self? Who am I really is the central question of the universe. It is the curiosity to be clear and complete even with the complexity of the multiverse that brings the truth forward. Dedicate your life to truth and there will be no more questions or answers. Truth stands on its own with no need to explain, complain or alter so called reality.

Lord Lanto: School is not what you think it is. Most on earth go to a classroom of one sort or another, get fed information and regurgitate it back to someone else for evaluation. When enough is known the person pursues the main thread of interest for a livlihood.

School is more like a school of fish. They are totally immersed in water all the time, so do not know they are separate from it. They derive all nourishment and bodily functions from the swim. Not only that, they are attuned in oneness with grace of fluid movement. There is no hesitation and no sense of separation. All is in alignment and grace.

The scheme of life is to emulate the fish school, the flock of birds and the bands of angels. Everything is in harmonious grace and interaction and freedom of movement. There is great trust, calm and confidence when all matters are arranged thusly.


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