10 (surprising) Ways to Raise a Healthy Eater

Real Food, Real Kids, Real Love:
10 (surprising!) ways to raise a healthy eater.
Almost nothing troubles us more than what our kids will (or won’t!) eat.

Whether you fear you are raising a carb-junkie, picky eater, or veggie-phobe, the root of that parental fear is all the same: that somehow, we can CONTROL our kids’ tastes if only we have the right advice and food on hand. So then we invest: in advice books, cookbooks, kitchen gadgets (slap chop, anyone?), and most notably in our time, stress, and energy. We kill ourselves in the kitchen, guilt ourselves over ‘failures’, and chide our partners and relatives for undermining our carefully thought out-efforts. Sound familiar?

The truth is, all kids are different. Just like they mature and grow at different rates, so do their palates.

Without further ado:

10 (surprising!) ways to raise a healthy eater: