Everything Is Powerfully Knit Together

Posted by: Karen Lee on: March 14, 2010

Dearest earth children,

Spirit stands ready to assist you at every level of your being. Regardless of circumstances and personal perceptions, you can overcome any adversity and come to a place of internal peace and rest.

You may ask for anything and it will be rendered to you in its current available form. Sometimes you will get more than you bargained for and other times it may seem less.

Know that the key here is seamless. All of life works in consideration of all else. Everything is powerfully knit together in synchronicity and original intention.

There is nothing out of bounds in God’s world. Everything you can conceive of has already been brought to fruition whether you see it or not. You are creating a silken spider web of desire and attainment and disappointment.

Notice spiderwebs orbit out and also have spaces between the threads. Some strands are sticky and some are foundational. Therefore it is not immediately apparent what will become stuck or attached to the web or possibly fall through. It is the unpredictability of life that lends itself to deliousness and hope.

The next wonderful moment could be a mili second away. Keep sending out signals and see what is caught in your “Passion-Net.”

Karen Lee, Stress Release Specialist
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