Many alternative meds share identical traits

Posted by: “Bret”

What does DMSO, citrate, Coq10, Silver, Cesium, Aloe vera, mangosteen, polyphenols, flavenoids, garlic, LDN, chlorophyll, apple cider vinegar, coconut oil, ESSIAC tea, ozone, alpha lipoic acid, glutathione and peroxide all have in common?

1) They are touted as treatments for cancer.
2) They are touted as treatments for some viruses
3) They are touted as treatments for autoimmunes.

Wait a minute! Can this be true! Well,….cross reference each of these with a disease in your browser and see for yourself!!!

Other diseases being treated are candida, heart disease and hypoxic illnesses. Neorological disorders, degenerative disorders, dementia, etc.

Why so many different illnesses?

Is this quackery? Not hardly.

The answer is so simple that it defies explanation. Really quite silly when you see it.


If we can assume that most autoimmunes are caused by viruses,…that cancer ferments glucose, (anaerobic respiration) then we can group all of these diseases into one simple category.

Anaerobic Diseases! OR Diseases that dislike oxygen.

Even though not all viruses are susceptable to oxygen therapies,…it appears that many of the bad ones are!!!!!

When examining the suspected active ingredient in all of these substances,…one familiar theme transcends every single substance.
An identical trait!

How ironic? What a Coincident? Not hardly. They all share something in common.

ALL of these above substances contain oxygen donors or alkaline substances. Both alkalinity and oxygen are connected in the body.
(Warburg, Brewer, Koch)

Every single one of these substances appear to contain carboxyl groups, double bonded oxygen, rotating bonded oxygen. Even sulfate has single bonded oxygen as well as peroxide.

In fact oxygen is the most familiar theme to all of these. Pretty strong evidence of legitimacy.

Of course some are alkaline minerals, some are oxygen potentiators or Kreb’s cycle facilitators, some inhibbit fermentation,…but again the theme remains the same. It’s all oxygen related.

Attack these disease by exploiting their respiratory preferences!!!
What a novel, logical, basic, and common sense approach.

The real issue is that many practioners who use these therapies do not recognize them as oxygen therapies and therefore can’t possibly maximize the therpies benefits and potential.

After all, all the oxygen in the world is useless if cancer can’t absorb it, can’t burn it!

For additional information about this common link between these diseases, and the link between subsequent treatments:

The only real issue remaining is how doctors perceive alternative medications.Most doctors do not say anything possitive about alternative medicine.

What most people need to realize, is basically the obvious.
ReallY! Wake up everyone!

If your football,baseball, or basketball coach lost 95% of his games over 30 years, if a coach only won 5% of the time,….what right does he have criticizing any other coach, any other leauge?

Oh,…the oncologist really isn’t God, now is he?

So, if you don’t understand the basics and the obvious, your fate will typically follow those in front of you who didn’t understnad the obvious.

Don’t wait to start researching. Don’t wait to start therapies,…chlorophyll, peroxide, sulfates are dirt cheap!

God Speed

Bret Peirce,…licensed nurse