BOYCOTT: Ask your network to endorse letter to Schein's CEO

BOYCOTT: Ask your network to endorse letter to Schein’s CEO


by Charlie Brown < > 

The boycott of Henry Schein Inc has begun.   Not just all over the United States, but from all over the world, health professionals are endorsing our letter to Schein CEO Stanley Bergman – all over The United States, including Hawaii, four countries in Europe, and Nicaragua.  Health professionals include not only dentists, but physicians, dental hygienists, nurses, naturopaths, dental assistants, medical technicians – the list goes on.  Hundreds of consumers from around the globe — from over half the U.S. states plus from Australia, Germany, Greece, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the UK, so far — are voicing their support for the boycotters.  Thank you, thank you.


We are boycotting all of Schein’s medical, dental, and other products.  But Schein CEO Stanley Bergman can end it with the stroke of a pen.  All he need do is stop selling mercury amalgam.  All Mr. Bergman needs to do is focus a little less on his lavish contributions to Members of Congress.


Our message — Revolving Door Government = Corrupt Amalgam Rule — was featured in my op-ed in the Charleston Gazette, West Virginia’s leading newspaper.  Reprinted BELOW.


We want to give everyone a chance to endorse this letter.  Please ask your friends and colleagues to join in (my friend Dr. Graeme Munro-Hall enlisted five health professionals from Britain and Ireland and many consumers have recruited the support of their family members and friends for the consumer letter.)  We can’t physically collect signatures; we just need your e-mail OK to add your name to the letter.  Give us your name plus city/state (no complete addresses needed).  Our international friends: give your name plus city/province/nation or name plus city/nation.  Health Professionals: Also give me your degree.


Due to technical problems, the boycott announcement made the letters to be sent from health professionals and consumers inaccessible to many of you.  Health Professional letter is at  

Consumer letter is at


** If you wish to endorse the Health Professionals letter, write me at 


** If you wish to endorse the Consumer letter, write Sylvia at    

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