Beauty Bursts

by Karen Lee

I am very content today. It is a nice new feeling. Right now I can complete my tasks, see a rosy future and take delight in life. I am in an expansive phase reaching out to others without compromising my integrity.

I have the luxury of being true to myself. Exploring new ways of being and benefitting from all the inner work done previously. Just as a watched pot never boils, as bulbs burst into bloom, there is an infintessimal moment where the beauty bursts forth.

That’s how it is, the beauty bursts, it does not lurch or hold back. It cannot, because it is so full of itself. What was once a bud is now a flower and will not go back to previous stages.

That is why it is so vital to stay motivated. To follow a plan, a program, a proposed solution. I never know when the magic moment will arrive and I will bloom where I am planted.