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The 30% off sale to celebrate Sherrie Brescia’s “Pain-Free Living” ezine
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Owners of Great Taste No Pain know first hand how much
better they feel when they follow the scientifically proven
guidelines I lay out.

Because the benefits of having a more alkaline pH don’t
stop in your GI tract.

Over and above the relief from gas, bloating, stomach
aches, diarrhea and constipation, your ENTIRE body works
better when you’re alkaline. 

Beyond the digestive pain going away, you’ll experience: 

– A drop of excess pounds without even trying.  No
  dieting necessary. 
– More energy.
– Less or no need for medication.
– Faster, sounder sleep.
– Bone, muscle and joint aches and pains subside (including
  pain from arthritis and fibromyalgia).
– Headaches becoming a thing of the past.
Lower blood pressure.
– Diabetics have reported needing less or no insulin.

Plus all of your organs and glands will be able to do
their jobs better–so you’ll be less of a candidate for a
major disease (such as heart disease, cancer, kidney
or liver disease, just to name a few).

Here’s what happend to Penny after she started following
the simple step-by-step plan in Great Taste No Pain and
became more alkaline:


A couple of months ago I was on a quest to feel better.  I
was having thyroid issues and my TSA number had gotten to
44 (it should be 5 or below).

I was using different herbs and got it down to 22 but
couldn’t get it off dead center.  I talked my cardio doctor
into give me Armour thyroid (only 30 mg) just to get my
numbers down.  I also began taking Zumba classes and
started your Great Taste No Pain plan.

In just FOUR weeks I lost a dress size, got my TSA number
down to 10 and upped my energy level!  I then started using
Super Shield too.  I’ve lost more weight and the orange
spots on my eyelids are disappearing.  I’ve been told the
spots are related to cholesterol, which by the way I’ve
brought down from 252 to 150.  And I’m sure it’s even lower

I have shared my info from you about correct combining of
foods with LOTS of people and I now have a small gathering
of followers and we are trying to help encourage one another!

I hope to continue on my quest and soon come off all
thyroid medication.  I’m working on getting my “good
bacteria” in my gut up to par and I’m excited to see all
the good things that will happen when I do!

Besides, I am sleeping like a rock.  It’s great!

My body is now really recognizing when I cheat and go off
your plan and immediately reacts and makes me understand
when I haven’t combined something properly.  It’s for my
own good health!

I’m a great fan of yours and thank you for caring enough
to share.  On my way to a thinner, more healthy lifestyle!

Penny Hampton


SB:  Penny, I have no doubt that you’ll be off that
thyroid medication soon.  You’re on your way to a lifetime
of great health.  All my best to you.


Wasn’t she inspiring? 

Well, YOU could be telling a similar story in the very
near future. 

YOU could be as excited as Penny, seeing your lab test
results improve dramatically.

YOU could lose a clothing size (or more if you need to). 

YOU could be sleeping like a baby without being drugged.

Now is the time to do something, because Great Taste No
Pain is a whopping 30% off for the next couple days only.
If money’s tight, now’s the time to save.

To your health,

Sherry Brescia

PS: Debbie now has normal blood pressure and more stamina:


I have been on your program for 3 weeks and I haven’t had
any pain, more stamina, sleep better, my blood pressure is
normal, and I’m enjoying foods I haven’t been able or
thought I couldn’t eat for a long time. 

This has been such a blessing!  Even if people do not have
any problems they should be on this program. 

Thank you sooooo much. 

Debbie Velasquez