The Essence of an Apple

Posted by: “cohensmilk1”  Yesterday, I rediscovered the essence of an apple.
How often we take for granted this very special fruit.macintosh-applesI purchased a bushel of hard Macintosh apples for 79 cents per pound from my Korean grocer in Hackensack, New Jersey.
I washed them and quartered the fruit and ran the pieces through my juicer.

The bouquet filled my kitchen. I strained and ate the residual pulp which is always the best raw apple sauce.
I took a sip of fresh red apple cider. Heaven.

Boiled apple juice is an insult to the raw apple’s
wonderful nectar. Pasteurized apple cider sold in
supermarkets is a crime against Mother Nature’s gift.
Apple cider freshly made is filled with live enzymes
and nutrients. One can taste the life!

I drank the juice…no, I ate the juice, keeping each
mouthful in my mouth…savoring the life-sustaining
compounds. The tastebuds of my tongue were alive. I
swallowed, and delighted in the smell and taste of
this sweet liquid.

I made a gallon of fresh cider in the afternoon. In the
evening, I juiced one bag of frozen cranberries. Each
fall when cranberries are freshly harvested, I stock up
and freeze them by the bag. Cranberry juice is brain food,
say the juicing books.

Mixing the apple and cranberry juices together becomes
my nourishment for those long stretches of time in which
others sleep and I find it so easy to write.

Robert Cohen
http://www.notmilk. com