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I was going to post bits and pieces of these letters to the Notmilkman… but decided you deserve THE WHOLE STORY…!  As fas as these letters go anyhow! 

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Letters to the Notmilkman

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Sun May 10, 2009 1:49 am (PDT)

Letters to the Notmilkman

As a result of writing my daily Notmilk column,
I get more letters than Kris Kringle. Some people
are complimentary, and some folks are hateful, and
some individuals come seeking answers. Here are a
few letters and responses you might find interesting:

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Dear Notmilkman,

I used to eat Hershey’s candy bars until a friend
showed me your column on Acrylamide in Hershey‘s
cocoa. I now eat Cadbury candy bars instead because
Cadbury’s is more expensive and is a better brand.
Is that a good alternative?
–C.R., Providence, RI

Dear C.R.,

Don’t let the name fool you. Cadbury’s is owned by
Hershey’s. In order to make the cacao bean palatable,
it is first roasted. The cooking process is what
creates acrylamides. One very popular snack for
raw food vegans is chocolate nibs made from
roasted cacao beans. Trusting raw food vegans are
fooled into betraying their own principles by
companies which are aware of the truth.

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Dear Notmilkman,

Thanks to your work, I only buy hormone-free
organic milk for my family. Even though I know
that you are against all milk, will you concede
that I am on the right track?
L.D., Demarest, NJ

Dear L.D.,

Get off the track, quick! There’s a train coming.
All milk contains hormones. There is no such thing
as hormone-free milk. Milk from cows injected with
the genetically engineered bovine growth hormone
contains increased levels of the same naturally
occurring growth hormones. I see very little
difference between the two milks.

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Dear Notmilkman,

I have been a vegetarian for 12 years, but have
not yet tried a vegan diet because I find the food
uninteresting. When I ate meat, I had health problems,
but now I do not. What is the number one advantages
of being vegan?

H.P., Ames, Iowa

Dear H.P.,

People become vegetarian or vegan for two primary
reasons. The most popular is usually compassion to
animals. The second reason is compassion to their
own bodies. Eating dairy products or eggs, as many
vegetarians do, is not being compassionate to
animals. As a matter of fact, the dairy industry
and the egg industry are two of the most abusive
animal industries in the food chain. Eating dairy
might supply fuel for the body, but it is dirty
hormone-filled fuel which leaves harmful residues.
Never forget that milk is liquid meat, so if you eat
cheese or yogurt, you essentially are consuming
blood proteins.

One of my favorite quotes is:

If you’re not vegan, you’re not vegetarian.
— V.L. Allineare

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Dear Notmilkman,

Could you give me a list of your favorite
vegan M.D.s. I have a personal health issue
and will be seeking competent medical advice
from a professional who practices what you

D.M., Los Angeles, California

Dear D.M.,

In alphabetical order, my top-five list of vegan
medical doctors (and their websites) would include:

Dr. Neil Barnard

http://www.pcrm. org

Dr. Joel Fuhrman


Dr. Doug Graham


Dr. Michael Greger

http://www.veganmd. org

Dr. John McDougall