People ask if I ATE the Energizer Bunny!

energizerbunny-192x300“I TELL MY FRIENDS who have inquiring minds, and like fascinating books, about Talking to Tesla because it REALLY stimulates the mind in unexpected ways. I had NO IDEA what the book was about—other than thumbing through it quickly at a friend’s house. She grabbed it and said “order your own” and don’t read bits and pieces of mine. This is a VERY unique book, with a life all its own – a vibration, a color, a sound… it seems to stimulate all the senses and starts them humming, errr… perking?”
“I can’t say what will happen if you read it. Just do. Take a chance on it changing your world in marvelous and stimulating, thought-provoking ways! It zapped my creativity into over-drive. Most people ask me if I ate the Energizer Bunny! That’s a GREAT problem to have, now that I’m over 65!”

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